10 Hot Topics for the 2017 Internal Auditplan


Opportunities and risks evolve continuously as organisations and their environments change. Inherently, anticipating the consequences of these emerging risks and opportunities, and their ramifications, can be challenging.

This report helps you to rationalise and categorise these risks and opportunities, and to provide actions for Heads of Internal Audit. It is not intended to be a reference but rather a basis for a discussion, a tool at your disposal to help understand the next challenges for our profession.

This paper has been produced by IFACI (IIA France), IIA Italy, IIA Spain, with the support of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (UK and Ireland). To ensure its pertinence, diverse sources of information we used, including reports from international institutions and advisory firms and interviews with Heads of Internal Audit across Europe.

These are the ten topics discussed:
1. Geopolitics
2. Governance
3. Corporate culture
4. Compliance
5. Working environment
6. Managing the next generation
7. Cyber security
8. Fraud & Corruption
9. Trusted advisor
10. Transformation

Download the discussion paper 10 Hot Topics for the 2017 Internal Auditplan

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