2014 Project Auditing Global Benchmark Survey: Your Experience, Expertise and Opinions Are Needed. Contribute and receive a complimentary report

Learn how project auditors worldwide are coping with the many challenges facing the profession. Contribute and share your knowledge and experience.

According to statistics compiled globally in recent years, more than a third of all corporate projects end in failure.  The goal of the survey is to obtain an accurate snapshot of the current state of the profession with respect to project auditing, it’s challenges and risks, and emerging solutions.

All contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the full report.

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Pressure is mounting for project auditors to contribute to the success of projects. And that, in turn, is causing conventional ideas about the role to be challenged.

The Professional Practices Committee of the Dutch IIA (IIA NL) has a strategic advocacy initiative on Project Auditing which is lead by Sam Huibers.

Progress Has Already Been Made
In 2010 the IIA NL issued a paper on Project Auditing in Dutch. In 2013, Sam Huibers and Björn Walrave conducted a survey on trends in project auditing in the Netherlands followed by a successful round table facilitated by the IIA. The 2013 survey revealed that the role of project auditors is evolving. “If the auditor’s role is restricted to the compliance aspect only, the added value of the auditor may be substantially reduced” Sam comments. The 2014 survey is part of his ongoing research on project auditing in co-operation with Brooke Innovation Centre, specialized in research in the field of project management, and the IIA NL.

On the whole, audit functions are challenged to keep pace with the rapid pace of change faced by companies today. The survey is designed to build upon the knowledge gained in 2013, drawing upon the collective experience of an international field of survey participants.

Widespread Survey Participation Will Benefit All
The 2014 survey will seek to answer questions such as:

How does project auditing compare across different organizations?
What challenges does the auditing profession face as a whole?
What new auditing practices can lead to better managed projects?

The answers to these questions are of vital importance to project auditors and to every company. That's why widespread participation in the 2014 survey will benefit all. Operational auditors, IT auditors and business accountants can offer their unique perspectives.

Completing the survey takes less than 15 minutes of your time. Note the survey and report will be in English.

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