2019 Policy Changes IIA Global Certifications


The Professional Certifications Board (PCB) has approved several changes to The IIA’s certification programs that will be effective with the launch of the new Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS), currently scheduled in Q2-2019. 
These are the 2019 Policy Changes for IIA Global Certifications:
1. Program Eligibility Window Change – CIA ONLY
To align with the three-part CIA exam, the CIA program eligibility window has been adjusted from 4 years to 3 years. This reflects the amount of time typically required to complete the certification process. 
Candidates who are already approved into the program prior to the launch of the new CCMS will maintain a 4-year program window. Candidates approved into the program after the new CCMS launches will have 3 years to complete the program. Candidates can still request a one-year extension. Click here for a list of scenarios for in-process candidates. 
2. Exam Retake Window Shortened – ALL CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS
To enable in-process candidates for all certifications and qualifications to complete the certification process more quickly, the waiting period to retake an exam will be shortened from 90 to 60 days. As long as it is still within the program eligibility window, in-process candidates can retake the exam after waiting 60 days. 
3. Internal Audit Practitioner (IAP) Experience Requirement 
Since the Internal Audit Practitioner (IAP) designation is intended for individuals new to internal auditing, eligibility requirements for IAP candidates will no longer include six months of internal auditing or equivalent experience. Please visit the IAP program webpage for more information. 
Three weeks prior to the launch of the new CCMS, IIA Global plans to announce the certification policy changes to in-process candidates by email.

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