Call for help: Internal audit in European banking sector

The ECIIA Banking Committee has decided, based on the meetings with the European Central Bank representatives, to develop a paper about internal audit in the Banking sector in Europe. The aim of the paper is to clarify some issues that the banks under ECB SSM supervision are facing.

We propose to have a two steps approach for the set up of the ECIIA paper about internal audit in the Banking sector in Europe and currently request your assistance for the first step.

Step 1 : We have identified the topics that need to be developed in the ECIIA paper (column topics).The document (link) is based on the Basel Committee guidelines (The internal audit in Banks) as this is an important reference for the banking sector in Europe. We would like to receive your input (POINTS YOU BELIEVE REQUIRING FURTHER CLARIFICATION / GUIDANCE) on the list before the end of December and we thank the CEOs to help us consolidating the remarks for each NI. It is also the occasion to receive the contacts of the local Banking Committee Chairs in order to include them in our future communication (please send the details to Pascale).

Step 2 : The consolidated list of topics will be shared with the Banking Committee on January 29. During the BC meetings, we will develop the comments for each topic that we want to share with the Regulator. We will also discuss about the content of the paper with ECB representatives during the writting phase in order to make sure that we capture all the questions that they have. The draft of the position paper will be shared with you and all the ECIIA members for final comments. The time frame for this project is around 12 months We thank you in advance for your input and support and we will keep you informed about the evolution of the paper. We remain at disposal for any question that you would have.

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