CBOK Report: Great ways to motivate your staff

The most effective chief audit executives (CAEs) position their internal audit departments to add value and inspire business improvement by maximizing the productivity and contribution of their internal audit cohort.

But how do they: Set goals that inspire auditors to deliver insights that matter? Boost productivity with appropriate rewards? Address differences between generations?

This report provides GREAT insights on how CAEs and other audit leaders can improve their practices for evaluating and motivating internal auditors.

You will learn strategies for:

  • Goal Setting: Align personal goals of internal auditors to internal audit department goals and the organization’s strategies.
  • Retaining Talent: Retain talent amidst changing needs of internal audit and the business.
  • Equipping Employees: Build capability and capacity for internal audit overall and individually.
  • Assessing Performance: Evaluate internal auditors against overall internal audit department performance.
  • Treating Success: Provide incentives and recognition to motivate internal auditors.

Plus, you will also learn the implications of generational differences among Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials in the internal audit workforce.

Finally, insights are shared from the CBOK 2015 Global Internal Audit Practitioner Survey, the largest ongoing study of internal auditors in the world.

Download GREAT Ways to Motivate Your Staff - Shaping an Audit Team that Adds Value and Inspires Business Improvement

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