Certification Fee Increase


Certified individuals and certification candidates (members and nonmembers) will experience a certification fee increase for application, registration, and continued professional education. While investigating the fee increase, The IIA compared the new fees against other organizations and determined that IIA Global certification fees are comparable with industry pricing.

Why is this happening?
Several factors contributed to the decision to increase the fees:

  1. Our certification vendor, Pearson VUE, will increase fees for candidate “seat time” (the amount of time allotted for candidate testing) at all Pearson VUE test centers. This is the first fee increase we have experienced from Pearson VUE since we began utilizing their test centers in 2008.
  2. Our certification portfolio has expanded significantly over the last several years based on market demand. In the last 3 years we have launched the CRMA, QIAL, and Internal Audit Practitioner programs; and acquired the BEAC Certification programs (CPEA and CPSA). These additions to the global portfolio have been funded based on the original business model.
  3. The IIA continues to invest in the security of our certification portfolio to secure exam content on a global basis. This investment in securing our intellectual property ensures the rigor, credibility, and reputation of the certification programs.

When will the fee increase be in effect?
Certification candidates will not be effected by the fee increase until 1 April 2017.

How does the fee increase impact individuals?
IIA Global has worked closely with its vendor, Pearson VUE, to minimize the fee increase for applications and registrations. Note that exam registration fees vary based on the required seat time for the specific exam part. The fee increase is demonstrated in the chart below:

When will the increased CPE Reporting fee take effect?
Certified individuals will experience the increased fees with the 2017 CPE reporting period as outlined below:

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
First visit the Certification Fee Increase web page. If you have any questions, please log an incident in your CCMS record.

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