Cyber-crime, securities markets and systemic risk

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) identified Cyber-crime a potential risk that has been strongly and consistently highlighted during recent risk identification activities especially as it relates to financial market infrastructures. As a first step towards engaging with this issue, the IOSCO Research Department, jointly with the World Federation of Exchanges, conducted a cyber-crime survey of the world’s exchanges.
This IOSCO Staff Working Paper Cyber-crime, Securities Market and Systemic Risk presents the results of this survey, as well as key insights on the current cyber-threat landscape and potential systemic risk aspects.

This report and survey is intended as part of a series exploring perspectives and experiences with cyber-crime across different groups of securities market actors. The purpose of the series is predominantly to: (1) deepen understanding around the extent of the cyber-crime threat in securities markets; (2) highlight potential systemic risk concerns that could be considered by securities market regulators and market participants; and (3) capture and synthesize into one document some of the key issues in terms of cyber-crime and securities markets in order to increase general understanding and awareness.

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