Data Analytics: Not if or when, but how


Before you can determine where to go and how to get there, you must figure out where you are. The concept of data analytics has become a mandate for internal audit functions. The question isn’t 'if'; it isn’t even 'when.' The time is now; the question is how?

If you have not yet started or have only dabbled in the world of data analytics, it is time to learn about it and recognize the potential value you can contribute to your organization by implementing even a basic foundation and building on it as you appreciate the full value and power of information.

Is it a daunting proposition? It can be, and there is a learning curve, but even small audit functions can take advantage of the power that data analytics can provide. It can further your reach into and visibility within your organization, allowing you to stay relevant and contribute to your organization’s betterment by providing greater value.

Data Analytics Mandate Part I is about understanding data analytics and its potential benefits.
Data Analytics Mandate Part II reviews strategies and tactics for those in the early stages of data analytics adoption


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