Essentials: World-Class Tools for Building an Internal Audit Activity

New IIARF Bookstore release provides reference tools for updating internal audit resources.

The IIA Research Foundation (IIARF) just released the newest edition of Essentials: World-Class Tools for Building an Internal Audit Activity, 2nd edition. It is intended to be a reference resource for those developing or revising the manual of an internal audit. The release is a reference manual packed with sample documents you can choose, revise, blend, and customize to fit your organization’s internal audit manual or processes.

Regardless of industry, the updated installment includes multiple sample documents to show alternative approaches and offers examples from different environments of internal audit activities. In some instances, multiple sample documents show alternative approaches or give examples from different environments, such as private versus public sector organizations, or from different levels of maturity of internal audit activities. Users are likely to choose sections from various documents in customizing their own.

Most examples will be useful to activities of mid to lower maturity or at the developing stage, rather than large sophisticated activities with their own professional practice or quality function, or extensive research resources. Documents are primarily “stand-alone” examples and therefore may have duplication and differences of opinion, format, style, or approach.

Essentials is an excellent resource for building or improving your internal audit activity. These non-copyrighted materials have been supplied by practitioners using real-world best practices. The product is available in CD/DVD format and may be purchased from The IIA Research Foundation Bookstore. Members receive a 25% discount.

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