European Research Project - Gender and Corruption

IIA Austria recently started a research project targeting the important fraud issue "corruption". Dr. Matthias Kopetzky, board member of our institute, has - as a result of numerous discussions with colleagues and experts - prepared a short online survey regarding a possible correlation of corruption and gender mix in work-teams/departments/institutions.

The research project is targeted on 3 hypotheses:

q 1) In less then 10% of the corruption cases women act as main perpetrators.

q 2) In corruption cases, which include women as perpetrators, those women play minor roles in comparison to their male co-workers in the scheme.

q 3) The more women are working in a reviewed unit the less likely a corruption scheme may evolve. In women-only groups corruption tends to zero.

IIA Austria want to ask the real specialists on detecting corruption fraud - the internal auditors - if our selective experiences can be proofed on a broader quantitative base.

Please have a look at the research project folder.

Members of the IIA Netherlands are invited to participate in this research project by completing the online survey:
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