Growth Through Challenge


Nothing prepared Kayla Brown for her first audit road trip. After a steady diet of compliance work at Atlanta based children’s apparel company Carter’s Inc., she was sent across the country to audit the operations of six of its California stores. She was 23 years old, traveling alone, and had never rented a car before. “Being on your first job,” she says, “it’s the little things that can stress you out.”

Once Brown arrived on the West Coast, she encountered some initial skepticism from store managers. Some thought she didn’t seem old enough to be auditing the businesses they had worked at for many years. Most of the audits went smoothly, but one store didn’t do so well. “Luckily, the store manager was good to work with, so it wasn’t a difficult conversation,” she says. “But it’s not great to be the bad guy. You want the business to get better and you want to serve as a partner.”

Despite Brown’s nervousness, the California audits were a great experience and a launching pad for her current career. Three years into her job, she has led Carter’s retail store audits throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Brown’s desire to be a business partner and her eagerness to learn are typical of young auditors entering the profession...

Read the whole article Growth Through Challenge from Internal Auditor magazine December 2016

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