IIA Global meer dan 200.000 leden


Zojuist ontvingen wij bericht van Richard Chambers dat IIA Global de mijlpaal van 200.000 leden bereikt heeft.

"Dear Global Board members:

I am very pleased and proud to inform you of one of The IIA’s most significant achievements to date: The IIA has crossed the 200,000-member threshold!

This is a remarkable development, possible only through the hard work and commitment by dedicated staff and volunteers around the world as together we strive to enhance and advance internal audit professionalism. 

I hope you will join me in celebrating this impressive new phase of The IIA’s 78-year journey and our organization’s impact on and importance to the profession around the world. 

Without your involvement, our growth and success would not be possible. Because you and other professionals have stepped forward over the years to assume leadership positions, The IIA has been able to reach new heights, not just in membership, but in other measurable ways. Indeed, just in the past year, we have marked numerous milestones: a 10th consecutive year of annual positive net contribution, the number of CIAs topping 150,000, and record attendance at our conferences, including more than 2,900 attendees at the International Conference in Dubai. 

On behalf of our more than 200,000 members (I like the ring of that), thank you for serving on The IIA’s Global Board of Directors and for your dedication to our profession. Together, we will continue to make a difference in the professional practice of internal auditing."

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