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We would like to invite you to complete the first survey on internal audit practices related to ESG. A survey on the perceived maturity of your organization's internal audit and control practices for information and risk management processes related to non-financial issues.

The survey contains seven short parts:

1. Engagement of the organization on ESG topics (4 questions)
2. Governance of ESG topics (2 questions)
3. Internal audit assignments related to ESG topics (5 questions)
4. ESG Expertise (2 questions)

Requested information for the questionnaire

5. Information on yourself and your team (4 questions)
6. Information about your company (3 questions)
7. Final two voluntary questions (2 questions)

The survey is completely anonymous (unless you respond to the very last voluntary question)

The data collected will be processed jointly by the Audencia Integrated Multi-Capital Performance Research Centre, by IFACI and by the Europeans partner institutes. The results of this survey will be presented to you at an webinar to offer you useful reading keys to benchmark in your practice.

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This survey will run until July 15th

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