Internal Auditor magazine August: An Unsecured World


In the Internal Auditor Magazine August 2021 issue, are we talking about the topic of cyber security.

When I was approached about sharing my thoughts in a CEO Message in each of Internal Auditor’s digital editions, I saw it as an opportunity to discuss with our members what we’re thinking about, how our profession is undergoing change, dealing with the risk and opportunity of emerging trends, and so much more. What better way to accomplish that than through one of the most popular benefi ts offered by our organization? Internal Auditor magazine, which has been around almost as long as The IIA, itself, is a respected source of professional insights, information, and thought leadership that guides our members through their careers. I’m genuinely excited to contribute to that legacy.

My initial letter provides a glimpse into The IIA’s new strategic plan. But let me offer a little background fi rst. Since taking on my new role at The Institute in March, I’ve spent hundreds of hours talking to global board members, staff, key volunteers, and leaders in our North American chapters and global affi liates. The passion and dedication to the profession I found at all levels is truly inspiring. These conversations were important in helping shape a new strategic plan that will ensure alignment between ongoing work at The IIA and our desired futurestate. While the new plan and all its related goals, objectives, and tactics are not quite finalized, we know several key components it will address. We want to make sure our strategic plan is as future-proof as it can be, continually updated for necessary changes, and aligned with what we know is going on in the marketplace. It also must drive a culture within headquarters that encourages innovation, diversity, and a global perspective. We also know that the strategic plan must capture opportunities for expanding, reimagining, and modernizing our training and education portfolio; organizing our efforts around global advocacy in a way that enhances member engagement; and reaching a younger audience of future practitioners, among others.

Clearly, these are high-level descriptions of the strategic plan, but I hope they reflect two things. First is a thorough examination of how we operate as an organization. If we are going to grow The IIA and meet the challenges of a complex and rapidly changing marketplace, we must have a realistic assessment of what we do well and where we need to improve. Second is the drive to reimagine and reinvent ourselves. I believe strongly in opportunity, innovation, and a commitment to selfimprovement. We must be ready, willing, and able to embrace change and growth. I look forward to providing these regular updates to our IIA community. Ultimately, you are the reason The IIA exists, and our promise is to keep you informed, prepared, and inspired.

Anthony Pugliese

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