International Anti-Bribery Enforcement actions

Trace International published its first GLOBAL ENFORCEMENT REPORT

The TRACE Global Enforcement Report 2010 is the first in a planned series of annual reports designed to identify and track international anti-bribery enforcement trends.

Most countries have criminalized the payment of bribes to their government officials and signed international conventions requiring the criminalization of bribery of various types. The goal of such laws and conventions is to create a fair and transparent international business market rather than one skewed by under-the-table deals that enrich government officials at the expense of their fellow citizens.

Among the first international anti-bribery laws was the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA). Most countries have enacted their laws prohibiting foreign bribery since 2000. Passing such laws is an important first step toward promoting international business transparency, but enforcement is a necessary second step in the effort to reduce corruption.

As the first publication in the series, TRACE GER 2010 principally provides a summary of all known international anti-bribery enforcement actions since the FCPA’s passage some 33 years ago. TRACE has collected information about all publicly known enforcement actions—including investigations, prosecutions, settlements and cases settled with no finding of bribery—in the online TRACE Compendium. GER 2010 analyzes the actions currently included in the TRACE Compendium.

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