Interview with John Bendermacher


On 8 July 2016, the IIA Young Professionals Committee interviewed John Bendermacher, current chairman of the IIA Netherlands (IIA NL), on a range of serious and less serious topics, including his vision for the IIA NL, his view on the future of Internal Audit, and his favourite restaurant.

John Bendermacher holds the following positions:

  • Director of Group Audit - ABN AMRO BANK
  • Chairman of IIA Netherlands
  • Member of the Board of Directors of IIA Global
  • Chairman of EIAP Programme Board of Amsterdam Business School
  • Member of Governance Advising Committee of Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA)
  • Member of Auditing Working Group of Dutch Banking Association (NVB)
  • Member of ECIIA Banking Committee

In February you took on the position of Chairman of the IIA Netherlands, but in addition you hold several other positions - Who is the real John Bendermacher?
Oh, I am a hard working guy who learned a lot in his profession and got a lot out of this profession and that is why I want to help build the profession further. It’s not very modest but I want to let people make use of my knowledge and that’s why I am a member of these committees. If you ask people in these committees how they perceive me, they will say I am practical when it comes to getting things done in the long term, but more importantly also in the short term.

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