Is corruption a gender issue?

A research project from IIA Austria wants to find out.

More then a year ago the Austrian Institute of Internal Auditors started a research project. As Dr. Matthias Kopetzky, the project leader, explains: "Internal Auditors regularly conduct a lot of special investigations also on corruption cases. And everywhere we heard the same results - almost no female perpetrators. So we decided to raise this question to all internal auditors in Europe to find out, if this is just a coincidence or this experience has broader support within the profession." Three theses are the main issue of the research project:

1) In less then 10% of the corruption cases women act as main perpetrators.

2) In corruption cases, which include women as perpetrators, those women play minor roles in comparison to their male comrades in the scheme.

3) The more women are working in a reviewed unit the less likely a corruption scheme may evolve. In women-only groups corruption tends to zero.

The study in its first stage wants to collect the common knowledge of the internal audit profession in Europe only on its quantitative side. The question "why is this the case" is spared for a later stage of research.

Members of the IIA Netherlands are invited to participate in this research project by completing the online survey.


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