Launch of the Anti Corruption and Intimidation Forum

On January 28, 2015 a group of professional organizations in South Africa came together at the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa (IoDSA) to launch an anti-corruption initiative called The Anti-Intimidation and Ethical Practices Forum (AEPF).

The AEPF was formed in May 2014 by eight professional bodies, including IIA South Africa, who share a common concern about the rising levels of corruption in South Africa and the concomitant increase in the intimidation of the ‘guardians of governance’ i.e. professionals who work in fields such as auditing, risk management and governance.

Speaking on behalf of the founding members, Dr. Claudelle von Eck, CEO of the Institute of Internal Auditors, explained that escalating complaints about intimidation from members of professional bodies led to the decision by the heads of these bodies to take a collective stand to empower their members. She said that “Although some professionals such as internal and forensic auditors are more affected by this trend, all the founding organizations agree on the need to strengthen the ethical foundations upon which our professions are based”. Dr. von Eck further explained that it is critical for professional organizations to educate their members on following the correct procedures when blowing the whistle, as well as the legal remedies available to them. She added that: “Most importantly, we hope that whistle-blowers will take comfort in the knowledge that this Forum applauds them for the courage and commitment to do the right thing, even when it is not easy to do so. We are standing with them”.

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