Themanummer Internal Audit Functie MAB: Time to audit your AI algorithms


Auteur: Iuliana Sandu, Menno Wiersma, Daphne Manichand

Undoubtedly, the use of algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms in particular, has numerous benefits. Fields such as finance, healthcare, automotive, education, and recruitment, to name a few, have demonstrated successful application of AI algorithms. Conversely, cases of bad algorithms abound and lead to lost revenue, discrimination, disinformation, or even bodily harm. Currently, we have surpassed the stage of just observing bad algorithms. New European regulations governing AI force organizations to manage the risks introduced by algorithms and convince the public about the proper functioning of algorithms. In this context, can algorithms be rigorously audited to build public trust and if yes, how? This article aims to answer these questions by building on an auditing framework for model risk management that controls for the novelty introduced by AI algorithms while connecting AI algorithm audit with internal audit terminology.

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The article aims to guide internal auditors in the task of auditing Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

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