Themanummer Internal Audit Functie MAB: Transforming Internal Audit: how to become a Sustainability Business Partner


Auteur: Vanessa Otto-Mentz, Rob de Leeuw, Muriël Debrichy-Hesselberg, Natalie Haal, Shirley Tewary

The Internal Audit (IA) profession has always adapted to the needs of organisations, stakeholders, regulators and wider society. The current environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) agenda provides the need and pivotal moment for IA to adapt, broaden and grow the function, and subsequently support the organisation. The immediate task for IA will be to help organisations and their management live up to their sustainability promise within an overall ESG context, whilst avoiding exaggeration of achievements within their stories told. To ascertain this position as an IA function, investment in knowledge and experience is required, alongside intrinsic motivation of IAs to contribute to a more sustainable organisation and society. To continuously meet the organisation’s future needs, IA should start their sustainability journey by incorporating sustainability in their daily practice. In this article three integrated pillars and practical advice are shared that can help IA functions in fulfilling their sustainability position.

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The involvement of IA professionals in sustainability provides an opportunity to realign the profession with its stakeholders and seize its moment to engage at a strategic level. IA has both the capability and connections to make an invaluable contribution.

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