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During recent months there have been isolated instances when purported “research” and articles have been published questioning the leadership characteristics of contemporary internal auditors in general and CAE’s in particular. The most notorious article was published by Compliance Week Magazine in the US last August. Everyone (including at a later date the magazine’s own editor) felt that the title of the Article, “Studies Find Internal Audit Lacking in Leadership Skills” was misleading and did not reflect the results of the very studies it purported to portray. Following an apology from its editor for the first article, for some unexplained reason, Compliance Week has now run essentially the same article in a printed edition with a different headline: “Is Internal Audit Lacking Leadership Skills?” Needless to say, me and others have complained via social media in both instances about the misleading nature of the articles and their headlines.

I believe in the concept that a good “defense” is often a “strong offense.” In that regard, I weighed in today on the subject of leadership strengths of modern CAEs in my IIA Blog on The Internal Auditor Magazine web site. I wanted to share the link to the blog with you (and the full text of the article below) so that you would have access to it in the event you are engaged in any discussions on these matters. You should also feel free to share it with your members (including translation into your language) if you feel it appropriate. As you will note, I took the high road in my blog – preferring to extol the virtues of CAEs rather than to specifically attack these highly controversial articles in Compliance Week.

I welcome any thoughts or comments you have on the Compliance Week articles or my blog.

Warm regards -

Richard F. Chambers CIA, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA
President and Chief Executive Officer

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