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Position Papers assist a wide range of interested parties, including those not in the internal audit profession, in understanding significant governance, risk, or control issues, and delineating the related roles and responsibilities of internal auditing. While Position Papers are no longer an official part of the New IPPF, these documents are still relevant and valid for practitioners and other interested parties.​

Why Conformance Matters
Conformance with Core Principles and the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards) is essential to meeting the responsibilities of internal auditors and the internal audit activity.

Internal Auditing's Role in Corporate Governance
The word governance has become a staple of the boardroom and C-suite lexicon, but just what governance is, can sometimes become muddled. At its core, governance simply is the amalgam of processes and structures designed to help the organization achieve its objectives.

Staffing Considerations for Internal Audit Activity
Knowledgeable and competent resources within internal audit are needed to ensure assurance and advisory work are performed in alignment with the organization’s expectations and in conformance with widely accepted principles and standards.

About IIA Advocacy
Advocacy is defined by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) as instilling pride in the internal audit profession, encouraging change, and building relationships with organizations and stakeholders that impact the profession globally.

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