The Personality of Internal Auditors

On April 6-8, 2016 the Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance hosted the 14th European Academic Conference on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance.

Conference Chair Arno Nuijten RE CIA CISA, Academic Director ESAA IT-Audit & Advisory at Erasmus University Rotterdam, welcomed students and academics from several European countries, as well as from Malaysia and South Africa.



A dozen students presented their papers on a wide variety of topics, including an exploratory research into the personality of internal auditors. Violaine Paresi MA MRES RO, senior auditor of ABN AMRO, explained the research approach and the conclusions of this project, which is co-funded by IIA Netherlands. The results show that internal auditors score significantly higher than the norm group on emotional stability, openness to experiences and conscientiousness.

Hans Nieuwlands RA CIA, CEO of IIA Netherlands (sponsor of the event), presented an overview of Global and National Research done by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

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