Understanding and Auditing Big Data


Big data can provide organization opportunities to innovate and expand their market share by developing new products or making better decisions. Big data enable the consolidation and consumption of large volumes of structured and unstructured data, unique analytics techniques, and the delivery of reports would take days or weeks to prepare without big data.

The participation of internal audit during the planning and implementation of the big data program is important because IA can provide advisory and assurance services to help the organization address risks, and design plans to implement the necessary controls to ensure the success of the big data program. Internal audit also helps by educating the board on the reach and impact of big data, and the importance of executive support to implement and sustain a big data program that supports strategic objectives.

This Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG) provides an overview of big data concepts to help internal auditors identify the different components of a big data program, including strategic objectives, success criteria, governance and operational processes, technology, tools, and other resource; and understand how to align internal audit activities in support of the organization’s big data initiatives. In addition, this guidance includes a framework of key risks, challenges, and examples of controls that should be considered when planning big data audits.

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