Vote on Proposed Changes to The IIA’s Bylaws


From 26 March–30 of April, The IIA is seeking votes from members on proposed changes to our governance structure, specifically, proposed changes to the Bylaws. As a member of The IIA, your vote on the proposed Bylaws is of the utmost importance. You have until 30 April to submit a vote.

The global membership vote on the proposed Bylaws changes will be conducted during The IIA’s 2018 Annual Member Meeting to be held 9 May 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Members unable to attend this meeting may vote on these changes by submitting their signed proxy no later than 30 April, 2018 at 23.59h (11:59 p.m.) EST.

As a global organization representing more than 190,000 members in over 170 countries and territories, it is critically important for The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) to maintain effective and efficient governance practices.

In January 2016, then Global Chairman Larry Harrington appointed a global task force to assess The IIA’s current governance structure and recommend any improvements. Throughout 2016, the task force collected input on this initiative through meetings and surveys conducted with global Board members and Affiliate leaders. The resulting proposed changes to The IIA’s global governance structure were exposed to members worldwide in an online survey in September/October 2017 and were strongly endorsed by respondents.

Revised Bylaws, which reflect the endorsed new governance structure, were approved by the Global Board of Directors in December 2017 and are now ready for a final vote. If approved, the Bylaws changes will be effective with the election of the Global Board of Directors in July 2019.

February 2017: Presentation at the 2018 Global Council.
December 2017: Proposed Bylaws were approved by the Global Board.
September – October 2017: Proposed changes to The IIA’s global governance structure were exposed to IIA members and Affiliates via an online survey.
February 2017: Preliminary findings gathered from Global Board members and Affiliate leaders were presented and discussed at the 2017 Global Council.
January 2016: The IIA’s Global Chairman of the Board appointed a task force to review the global governance structure of The IIA and to recommend any improvements.

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