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Coronavirus: Business not as usual .. and that applies to internal audit as well..

By James C Paterson

The following article had over 750 views in 3 days on linked in, this pdf is an expanded and up-dated version for colleagues and my IIA friends in Europe..

It starts with a few general reflections about governance and risk but them looks at a few imperatives for internal audit in these challenging times..

I’ve just facilitated a head of audit event, with only one person pulling out because of COVID19. However, it was inevitably a key topic of conversation, and in this pdf are some reflections that might be of interest.

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About James C Paterson 

James C Paterson is a former CAE and runs training for 12 IIA institutes in Europe, including the IIA NL. He is also the author of the book “Lean Auditing” published by J Wiley in 2015.


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