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Category: Governance Risk Control

Internal Audit industry leaders thoughts and opinions on the impact of COVID-19

By Joseph Reeves | Photo Unsplash COVID-19 has and will continue to shape our collective business landscape not only with respect to business objectives, goals and operational control activities but also how we effectively manage risk and the role of Internal Audit in doing so. At Francis King, we have seen social media activity whereby auditors, across all levels and industries, are looking for more appropriate and considered risk management practices now and into the future. We at Francis King, felt it good to collect and consolidate Internal Audit industry leaders thoughts and opinions on…

corona virus and internal audit

Managing the Coronavirus Risks Facing the Internal Audit Function

By Antoine van Vlodorp One of the internal audit’s roles is ensuring the effective management of risk within the first and second lines of defense. Little attention is given to managing risk within the Internal Audit Function (IAF) itself. The emerging risk of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) should trigger an update of the Risk Register of the IAF.  “The internal audit department is not free from risks and must deal with the emerging risk of the Coronavirus” Like management in the first and second lines of defense, CAEs are expected to assess the risks of the…