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Internal Auditor is the international magazine for internal auditors and a publication of IIA Inc. The Internal Auditor is digitally available free of charge for members till December 2021. You must request this via Member Service > Member Profile > Edit private information.

Printed versions of Internal Auditor magazine are no longer distributed via IIA Netherlands.

Click here for the index of Internal Auditor from 2004 - 2019.
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Mobile app
The Internal Auditor magazine of IIA Global also has an app (Ia) in which the articles are easy to read. This app not only shows the articles from the latest Internal Auditor, but also from all previous editions, as well as blog posts and daily audit-related news. In addition you can:

  • Search the entire archive for keywords
  • Download editions to read offline
  • Add bookmarks to articles for a personal archive

Everyone can download this app for free, but only members of the IIA can read the articles, by logging in with the membership details of IIA Global.

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Audit Magazine

Audit Magazine


IIA is dé toonaangevende beroepsorganisatie voor internal auditors. Een lidmaatschap laat u delen in de collectieve kennis van alle vakgenoten in de wereld.
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