IIA Netherlands sends out a monthly English digital newsletter to inform members and other interested parties about (educational) activities and (international) developments. IIA Netherlands also publishes a biweekly Dutch newsletter.

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[23-09-2021] IIA Newsletter: Risk in Focus 2022
[12-08-2021] IIA Newsletter: Report about Climate Change and Environmental Risk now also in English
[01-07-2021] IIA Newsletter: IIA Conference Livestream reports backstage
[03-06-2021] IIA Newsletter: Positive News for IIA Conference
[06-05-2021] IIA Newsletter: Jitske Kramer speaks at the IIA Conference Reinvent & Reconnect
[08-04-2021] IIA Newsletter: How to Navigate Disruption as an Internal Audito
[11-03-2021] IIA Newsletter: Internal auditors are nitpickers and fault-finders
[11-02-2021] IIA Newsletter: How Do You Answer, What do internal auditors do?
[14-01-2021] IIA Newsletter: 5 Internal Audit Resolutions For 2021
[10-12-2020] IIA Newsletter: Several publications about key risks 2021
[05-11-2020] IIA Newsletter: Ample opportunity to gain CPE
[08-10-2020] IIA Newsletter: Lots of valuable insights!
[10-09-2020] IIA Newsletter: Summary of eConference available
[13-08-2020] IIA Newsletter: eConference, are you joining us?
[23-07-2020] IIA Newsletter: The new 3 Lines Model now available!
[25-06-2020] IIA Newsletter: Earn CPE during the summer
[14-05-2020] IIA Newsletter: Various online events
[17-04-2020] IIA Newsletter: Impact Covid-19 on internal audit
[20-03-2020] IIA Newsletter: Corona and the IAF
[20-02-2020] IIA Newsletter: English sessions at the IIA Conference 2020
[23-01-2020] IIA Newsletter: Meet SARA!
[19-12-2019] IIA Newsletter: Happy Holidays!
[22-11-2019] IIA Newsletter : Ambition Model tool live! Let's move to the next level
[24-10-2019] IIA Newsletter: Meet your peers at international IIA events
[26-09-2019] IIA Newsletter: disruptive change; a significant risk
[29-08-2019] New Practice Guide for Financial Services Firms
[18-07-2019] NEW: E-learning IIA Standards with SARA
[20-06-2019] Disruptive Innovation and Innovative Approaches
[16-05-2019] Lessons learned from External Quality Assessments 2018
[04-04-2019] 7 Practices for Better Audit Outcomes
[08-03-2019] First IIA Netherlands Newsletter: €200 discount annual conference

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