Masterclass Organizational Behavior Management (EN)

For years, repeated research has shown that organizational changes still only succeed in about 30% of the time. The intended returns from the business case are not or only partly achieved. This also applies to mergers, cultural changes, process optimization programs and system implementations. ‘Employee behavior’ is always in the top 3 of reasons for failure. So many managers are wondering: "Why don't they do what we’ve agreed upon?", "Why aren't they willing to go the extra mile?", Or "Why does the new behavior drop once the consultant is gone?"

This 1-day Masterclass explains the reasons from the perspective of behavioral sciences. It is a general introduction to the principles of human behavior and how to influence this effectively. And also how you can measurably optimize performance by getting the best out of people.

Why participate?
During the session it will become clear that there are 3 major pitfalls in the attempts of managers and change agents to influence employee behavior. Because of these 3 pitfalls only 0.8% of the time and effort involved in influencing behavior is effective. This has an enormous impact on the return on organizational changes, projects, cultural changes, system and process implementations, mergers, etc. Room for improvement!

What do you get?
In the mornig-part of this Masterclass the basic strategies for effective influencing are discussed, as well as the methodology developed by modern Business Administration to enable effective interventions in the workplace to optimize performance: Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). The afternoon is spent on exercises: Pinpointing behavior and using a so called ABC-analysis to discover the root cause of unwanted behavior.

This Masterclass answers the following questions:

  • What are the universal laws of human behavior?
  • What pitfalls are there in influencing others?
  • Why does the average influencer spend 0.8% of the time effectively on influencing behavior in order to increase and/or improve performance?
  • What basic strategies are there for effective behavioral change?
  • What tools does modern Business Administration offer to optimize business performance and / or make changes succeed?

The participants apply the lessons directly to a playful case: creating enthusiasm and engagement in your organization. In other words, "How do I make a parakeet fly?"

Please bring an example of a behavioral case to class for the afternoon excersises.

17 September 2019

09:00 to 17:00

IIA Academy, Burgemeester Stramanweg 102a, Amsterdam

Price members / non-members
€695,- / €795,-

PE Points

Target group
Auditors of all levels

Minimum 5 en maximum 12 participants

Joost Kerkhofs is the owner of Neotopia and co-founder and business director of ADRIBA, the Post Graduate Education Institute at VU University Amsterdam in the field of behavioral change in organizations. His mission is to spread OBM as practical science in the Netherlands and to teach organizations how to optimize performance. He works for clients such as KLM, Dura Vermeer, VolkerInfra, AEGON, ING Bank, Rijkswaterstaat, Rabobank, and various medium-sized companies and institutions, in sectors such as Industry, Construction, Business Services, Healthcare and the Public Sector.

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