Virtual classroom Lean and agile in the covid era (EN)

Lean & Agile auditing in the COVID era – 1 day with James C Paterson

In these unprecedented times of COVID19: Never has there been a more important time to play the right role given the significant challenges facing many organisations.

This intensive 6-hour virtual classroom given in 1 day will help you “recalibrate” what is really essential for any audit team in an organisation that is affected by COVID19.

James will explain key lean and agile techniques and how these can be applied in the current environment:

  • Decide what assignments should stay on the plan, what work should be postponed and what new assignments could be considered..
  • To avoid duplicating the work of other functions, be clear how to measure how good are their assurances and how we might test this pragmatically
  • Think about how to up-date assignment scopes so that only the key exam questions are examined.
  • Using regular stand-up techniques and observation meetings to speed up audit insights and get these to stakeholders with “flash reports”
  • James will share various techniques to help think through and calibrate what issues really matter – killer facts etc.
  • Following up in a smarter way
  • Playing a role in helping to clarify where standards must be maintained 100% and where a more flexible, pragmatic 80/20 mindset will do – what controls are still going to be essential?
  • Benchmark what you are doing with others

Supplementary tools and guides and check-lists will be provided in addition.



09:00 tot 17:00 uur

  • 9.00-10.30
  • 10.45-12.15
  • 13.15-14.45
  • 15.00-16.30 

Online via Webinar 

Prijs leden / niet-leden
€450,- / €550,-

Aantal deelnemers
Minimaal 5 en maximaal 12 personen

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James is a former CAE, has worked with 12 of the IIA institutes in Europe, and is the author of the book “Lean Auditing”

Some of James’ feedback:

”As a facilitator James is really unique. He is able to give to every internal auditor new ideas or insights. James is very realistic about internal audit as a profession and makes every participant think. Furthermore he challenges you very nicely, which means that you have to interact, think and be present during the courses. Highly recommended.”

 ”Thanks a lot! I really appreciated your practical approach. He touched upon subjects that I have been thinking about recently. It was great fun and very useful!”

”Theory very well linked to practice.”

 ”Special thanks for your presentation style! You really got us sharing experiences instead of listening to lecture, only” ”I would like to see you again.”

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