Webinar Reasonable assurance in the Covid-19 era

James Paterson offers this free webinar for members of IIA Netherlands, where you can learn about new work programmes and testing in the covid-19 era.

The pandemic's impact has been profound and has impacted governance risk management and Control (GRC) activities and external and internal auditors' work.

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This new era demands that internal auditors work on issues that really matter and quickly provide insights with practical solutions. Clearly, this means that the internal audit function needs to carry out a much more dynamic planning process. It also means that the day-to-day work programmes and testing in audit assignments need to change as well. This explains the considerable impetus behind IA becoming a trusted advisor, as well as lean/agile ways of auditing, and leveraging data analytics. 

However, as readers will appreciate, responding to changing demands in a compressed timescale creates its own risks. Specifically, for IA teams, we might forget some of the fundamentals that underpin our profession's credibility. The trick is to balance the need to be more lean and agile with IA standards. This webinar will address some of the issues we encounter and how to solve them.

Comments about James Paterson from several of his courses

  • Very informative – many thanks.
  • James has lots of really interesting and useful examples.
  • Really good overview and great tools, ideas and examples to take away. I really enjoyed it and want to learn more.
  • James was fantastic. I would certainly recommend courses by him to other colleagues.
  • James has a very engaging delivery method.
  • James has a very good delivery style and keeps you engaged on the topic being presented. He is also very good at relating to individuals and getting points of understanding.
  • Good pace and discussion.
  • The delivery was really excellent.

24 juni 2021

10:00 tot 11:00 uur

Online via Zoom

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James C. Paterson is a finance professional who then became the Chief Audit Executive for AstraZeneca PLC. He has been consulting and training since 2010 and delivers workshops for 12 IIA institutes across Europe, including Belgium. Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. James has also presented at several 3 IIA International conferences on a range of topics. He is the author of the book “Lean Auditing” which is about new ways of auditing to drive efficiency and effectiveness and added value. His specialist areas of work include Assurance Mapping, Root cause analysis, Audit culture and influencing and political savvy for internal auditors.

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