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The United Register Operational Auditors Foundation (SVRO) is the foundation of IIA Netherlands that maintains the Operational Auditors register. A Register Operational Auditor (RO) is an operational auditor who meets the training and experience requirements set by the foundation and is registered in the register managed by the foundation. The register gives third parties the opportunity to determine whether someone has met the requirements set by the foundation on the basis of his or her education and experience. An RO has the obligation to comply with the continuing education requirements as described in the Permanent Education Register Operational Auditors Regulations and conforms to the Code of Ethics of the IIA.

One of the requirements to be registered in the SVRO register - in addition to 3 years of relevant practical experience - is that the internal auditor has graduated from a university recognized by the SVRO. The post-graduate courses of the University of Amsterdam / Amsterdam Business School (Executive MSc of Internal Auditing) and the Erasmus University Rotterdam / Erasmus School of Accounting and Assurance (Internal Auditing & Advisory) have this recognition.

Supervision by the SVRO on the quality of these programs takes place through a periodic evaluation (accreditation) by a appointed review committee.

The objectives of the foundation are stated in the SVRO By-laws. The By-laws state the obligations that the foundation links to this as well. Every year an annual statement is prepared that is available to the members of IIA. The By-laws also describe the regulations for joining the register and maintaining in the register, as well as the duties, obligations and authorizations of the board.

Request Registration

In addition to 3 years of relevant work experience and a diploma from one of the two accredited (postgraduate) Internal Auditing studies, registration in the SVRO Register requires a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG).

To request registration, you first request an application form for the Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) from the SVRO. To do this, send an email with your address to o.v.v. 'Application form VOG'. You will receive a signed and stamped application form from the IIA. You must submit this form to the municipality where you live. You will receive a VOG within eight weeks.

You must then submit the following documents via so they can assess your application:

  • SVRO Application Form
  • Copy of your Operational Auditor diploma from a course at a certified institute.
  • VOG (maximum one year old).
  • Signed employer's statement (see page 8 of the Application Form)

You will receive a notification of receipt of the documents within a week. If documents are missing or there are documents that do not meet the formal requirements, you will also be notified within a week. The assessment by the SVRO Board starts when all required documents have been received and meet the formal requirements.

The board assesses all submitted applications once a month. For each application, the SVRO checke to see whether the requirement of three years of relevant work experience has been met. This relevant work experience may have been gained before, during and/or after the post-master course. The board assesses whether the work experience is relevant in the context of being able to function as an RO and looks back up to a maximum of five years prior to the date of the application. The board also determines whether the realized, relevant hours of experience are sufficient, assuming 1300 hours on an annual basis. If the assessment is positive, you will be informed about this by email.

After this approval by the board, your application will be made public, so that any objections can be made to the board. To this end, your name will be published on the IIA website for 1 month. If no objection has been made after 1 month, you will be added to the register and you will receive a written confirmation of this. You will also receive an invoice for the one-time registration costs of €115. If the board does not give approval for (direct) registration, you will be informed about this as well. You can then file an objection with the board, which will judge your appeal.

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