Mission and vision

The Institute of Internal Auditors Netherlands (IIA NL) is the largest professional association of internal auditors in the Netherlands. The association has about 3.000 members. IIA NL is affiliated with the much older, global organization The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc. (IIA Inc.) which has 185.000 members in 190 countries.

The motto of IIA Inc. is 'Progress through Sharing'. IIA Netherlands is represented in the board and various committees of this global organization. Her members are automatically ember of IIA Inc. as well, thereby taking advantage of world-class professional products and publications.

The mission of IIA Netherlands is to support, develop and promote the internal audit profession in the Netherlands, and to support internal auditors, management and other stakeholders in the successful execution of the internal audit function.

Key tasks include the advocacy for internal auditors, quality assurance, education, sharing of knowledge and promotion.

IIA Netherlands wishes to promote and monitor the quality of the professional practice of internal auditors. As a knowledge center, IIA NL provides information in the broadest sense. The institute keeps internal auditors informed of the latest developments in the field. IIA Netherlands also offers a continuous opportunity to participate in the international exams.

Main focus areas of IIA Netherlands

Global advocacy
On June 19, 1997, the Institute of Internal Auditors Netherlands was established, to serve the interests of the Dutch internal auditor. IIA NL wants to promote and monitor the quality of the professional practice of internal auditors in the Netherlands as part of the worldwide organization. The institute also contributes to the promotion of the profession in the Netherlands. As a knowledge center, the IIA provides information in the broadest sense. The institute keeps the internal auditor informed of the latest developments in the field.

Quality assurance
The members of the IIA are supported in matters of the professional practice. In particular the development and maintenance of standards for professional practice and expertise requirements. The IIA conducts research within the professional discipline and issues study reports for the benefit of its members. Professional practice support also takes place regarding quality assurance and specific practical issues. When it is found that expertise in addressing certain problems is lacking, the IIA seeks and maintains contact with auditors of related (domestic and foreign) organizations.

(Permanent) education
Training is of the utmost importance for an internal auditor. The IIA issues advice in the field of education and training. In addition, the institute makes sure that the connection of the internal audit education at Dutch universities adjoins to the American degree in preparation for the exam to achieve the Certified Internal Auditor title. Because the IIA has built up many valuable contacts worldwide, it can provide members with a practical and constantly updated education and training.

Sharing knowledge
IIA Netherlands creates conditions for good communication between the professional association and its members. Important resources include the Dutch Audit Magazine, the website and the international magazine Internal Auditor. To promote the exchange of information on current developments in the field, regular activities such as seminars, trainings and round tables are organized. In short, the (inter)national network of IIA Netherlands guarantees current and relevant professional knowledge.

The field of internal auditing is strongly under development. The IIA strives to realize and monitor a positive image of the subject. Internal unambiguity and consensus, also in an international context, are important drivers for success.


The following by-laws and regulations are currently in force. For now, they are only available in Dutch.

  • Statutes IIA Netherlands (In Dutch)
  • House rules and regulations
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Behavioural and professional rules
  • Regulations of Discipline
  • External Quality Assessment Regulations
  • Regulations Permanent Education Register Operational Auditors
  • SVRO By-laws
  • Complaints procedure / Complaint form

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IIA is dé toonaangevende beroepsorganisatie voor internal auditors. Een lidmaatschap laat u delen in de collectieve kennis van alle vakgenoten in de wereld.
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