Audit Management Systems - Exploration within Internal Audit in the Netherlands, trends and practical tips

Digitization is playing an increasingly important role in our (work) lives. Look inside any company and you will see that there are always ongoing projects to further digitize. Every company has to move with the times or else it will be overtaken by reality. The same also applies to an Internal Audit Function (IAF).

There was a need from IAFs and the Chief Audit Executives (CAE) to gain insight into the market for Audit Management Systems (AMS) in the Netherlands and best practices with regard to selection and implementation. This research report helps to form a view of the AMS market in the Netherlands. First, the research team made an inventory of the market, then a survey was sent to 220 CAEs known to the IIA Netherlands to share experiences about the use of AMS, reasons for purchasing, but also best practices and learning points during selection and implementation processes. Subsequently, the research team contacted a number of suppliers, whereby information was shared by them about the latest trends in the field of AMS. Finally, the outcome was with a number of CAEs during two Roundtables.

An extensive package comparison was not the aim of this study, but the results can serve as a basis for the selection of an AMS.

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