Executive perspectives on top risks 2019

Leaders of organizations in virtually every industry, size of organization and geographic location are reminded all too frequently that they operate in what appears to many to be an increasingly risky global landscape.

Protiviti and North Carolina State University's ERM Initiative provided this report focusing on the top risks currently on the minds of global boards of directors and executives. The report contains results from the seventh annual risk survey of directors and executives to obtain their views on the extent to which a broad collection of risks is likely to affect their organizations over the next year.

The respondent group provided their perspectives about the potential impact in 2019 of 30 specific risk across three dimensions:

  • Macroeconomic risks likely to affect their organization's growth opportunities
  • Strategic risks the organization faces that may affect the validity of its strategy for pursuing growth opportunities
  • Operational risks that might affect key operations or the organizaion in executing its strategy
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