Risk in Focus 2021 | Board briefing

Putting risk into focus for the board

Board members must be aware of their organisations’ principal risks (and opportunities) and the external threats to their operations and strategies. They should also have confidence that internal audit is prioritising these. Especially now. The risk landscape has taken a dramatic and unexpected turn. Looking ahead to 2021 we see that the global coronavirus pandemic (GCP) is likely to shape the risk profiles of organisations in many ways.

Rather than posing a novel risk, the pandemic has exacerbated and magnified existing risks as well as opportunities that you as a board member should be mindful of. 

This briefing summarises insights from the latest edition of our annual report, Risk in Focus 2021 (RiF21), which this year is a collaborative project between ten institutes of internal auditors from across Europe.


The complete report Risk in Focus 2020 can be downloaded as well on the IIA website.


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