Benchmark Place

Benchmark Place is an application developed by the Benchmark Place Committee in collaboration between European Institutes members of the IIA. Available real-time, anonymized, secured and compliant with the GDPR, it is accessible free of charge to Chief Audit Executives members of The IIA. Benchmark Place is made up of two aligned modules for self-assessment and benchmarking yourself with your peers: the Ambition Model and the Scorecard.

Ambition Model & Scorecard

Whereas the Ambition Model is primarily intended for strategic planning, the Scorecard developed by the Benchmark Place Committee in collaboration with IFACI, focuses on the underlying operational management of the IAF. With the IA AM, you gain insight into where you are now, how this relates to the IPPF, where your ambitions lie and what steps you want to take to grow further. With the Scorecard you can look at the underlying factors, such as staffing, training and budgets. Both models are structured around the same themes, so that the analyses of both reinforce each other. On both models you can benchmark yourself as an IAF with similar IAF's from Europe, on concrete and current internal audit topics. 

Signing up for Benchmark Place

Benchmark Place is available free of charge to CAEs who are members of the IIA. You can register via the Benchmark Place registration page

Those who already have access to the Ambition Model, now also have automatic access to the Scorecard.

You can become a member of the IIA via our member services page.

Benchmark Place is a co-production of several European institutes for internal auditors.

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