The Professional Practices Committee has the objective of supporting the audit profession in the development of professional techniques in the broad sense of the word. This is in line with one of the objectives of the IIA Board to develop, stimulate and test the field of Internal Auditing in order to arrive at a high-quality professional performance of the profession.

The Helpdesk gives IIA members the opportunity to submit technical audit questions. The answer will be given in a personal capacity under the coordination of the Professional Practices Committee. The questioner must thereby take his own responsibility in the interpretation and implementation of the answer received from the Helpdesk.

You can send your question to

We request you to mention in the mail:

  1. A description of the specific case
  2. A clear definition of your question
  3. The sources you have already consulted
  4. The solutions that you have considered yourself

The committee strives to respond to your question within two weeks. IIA conducts a thorough investigation based on your question, but does not accept any liability for the given answer.

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