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Companies and other organisations work continuously on improving the added value for their customers; this also applies to the Internal Audit Function (IAF). The IAF that makes a major contribution to the added value of the organisation is highly regarded. This means that the IAF needs to focus on quality at the highest level. The experienced professionals of IIA Netherlands Quality Assessments (KIN) can help the IAF achieve this objective.

IIA Netherlands Quality Assessments (KIN) consists of passionate, skilled IIA members. They provide specialist advice while carrying out quality assessments. The quality assessors are experienced internal auditors with different backgrounds, representing all industries. In consultation with the IAF, we select a team that best suits your organisation. The leadership of the KIN team is always in the hands of a highly experienced internal auditor, often with a Chief Audit Executive background. Board room experience is guaranteed. 

   KIN can support an IAF in several ways to further increase quality of services.

KIN products and services

The external quality assessment. This assessment reviews the quality assurance system based on the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) and, if desired or necessary, based on NBA and NOREA standards. KIN is certified to perform external quality assessments also accordance to the standards of these organisations.
The assessment results in granting a certificate.

The Self Assessment with Independent Valuation (SAIV). For this form of assessment, the review is limited to verifying whether the IAF itself has carried out the quality assessment properly based on the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF). The report issued by the IAF and the underlying documents are the basis for the SAIV.

In addition, the KIN can support the IAF with the following services:

Readiness Test. The KIN verifies whether the IAF is well prepared for an external quality assessment. This type of review often results in a report with specific recommendations for improvement. Especially for still maturing IAFs, this service is very useful.

Quality assessment workshop. In this interactive workshop, the KIN professionals determine together with the IAF whether the IAF is ready for the external quality assessment. The workshop can be used as an interim assessment of the state of development of the IAF or in preparation for an upcoming quality assessment.

Quality assessment takeaways. This report provides insight into the most common conclusions and recommended improvements. IAFs can use these takeaways for the next step in their quality improvement. The report is also a tool for IAFs in preparing for an external quality assessment.

Why KIN?

An assessment by and for internal auditors, that is what you can expect from an assessment by KIN. Our experienced assessors come from different industries, and in many cases the senior assessors work or have worked at the level of Chief Audit Executive. This means that they are excellent sounding boards for the senior management of your organisation such as the CEO, CFO and members of the Audit Committee.

All assessors have extensive knowledge of the various quality frameworks or standards and are up to date on the developments in your sector, enabling them to pay attention to sector-specific regulations, such as the Banking Code, and good practices from your sector. They are happy to share all this expertise in the knowledge that we as a profession all benefit from it: by and for internal auditors.

KIN is also the only institute certified by the NBA and NOREA to carry out simultaneous assessments for these professional organisations on their behalf. If the internal auditors of the IAF are also members of (one of) these professional associations, only one quality assessment suffices.

Organisations about KIN:

"It is important to us to comply with the standards for professional practices of the IIA. We see this as our license to operate. We like to thank the IIA and the assessment team for sharing their ideas and recommendations  to develop our audit function further." - Freek van Velsen, Chief Audit Executive, Group Audit | LeasePlan Corporation N.V. 

"In view of the full scope audit, the IAD of CZ has been externally audited by KIN at the request of the Audit Risk Committee every three years since 2013. The IAD of CZ is proud of the certificate obtained with a completely green score!" - Maureen Vermeij-de Vries, head of internal audit at CZ.

“At the end of 2019, KIN carried out a full external quality review at CAS, the IAF of Nationale Nederlanden. The report and advice were perfectly in line with Nationale Nederlanden's expectations and we are proud of the positive results.” - Chief Audit Executive of CAS Anoek Bastiaens

“We are pleased with the outcome of the assessment, which confirms our commitment to quality and professionalism. The points for improvement put forward by KIN's assessment team will help us to further enhance the quality of the department.” - George de Booij, director of NS Audit.

“As a team, we are proud to be able to achieve this result in a relatively short period of time. The preparation process has led to the quality of service and the added value of our internal audit function contributing to the continuous improvement of patient care, research and education within Radboudumc.” - Ruud Franssen, Head of Audit & Risk at Radboudumc.

  KIN's quality assessments are carried out on a not-for-profit basis. With KIN's assessors you can count on an assessment by experienced auditors who deliver high-quality output at an acceptable price.


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