Supervision Quality assessments

The Quality Assessment Supervisory Body (TKT) ensures that all assessments, including those by third parties, are carried out on time and that they are carried out in a good quality. To this end, the TKT analyzes all assessment reports and assesses the final assessment. The TKT also handles requests for postponement of testing. The tasks and powers of the Supervisory Body are described in the Quality Assessment Regulations of IIA Netherlands.


IAFs tested

Below are the organizations of which IIA Netherlands knows that they have had an external quality assessment carried out with sufficient results in accordance with the IIA Netherlands Regulations for External Quality Assessments, by the Quality Assessments Committee or a third party.

If your organization has had an external quality assessment carried out in accordance with the international standards of the IIA and wishes to be included in this list, send your details (incl. copy of the review report and e-mail address of the contact person) to stating 'Quality Assessment'.


Organization: Tested by:
VvAA FSV Risk Advisory
FMO Kwaliteitstoetsingen IIA Nederland (KIN)
Action Service & Distributie BV Kwaliteitstoetsingen IIA Nederland (KIN)
Menzis Kwaliteitstoetsingen IIA Nederland (KIN)
Bovemij FSV Risk Advisory
FrieslandCampina NV EY
Royal FloraHolland FSV Risk Advisory
Booking Holdings Inc Kwaliteitstoetsingen IIA Nederland (KIN)
OCI N.V. Kwaliteitstoetsingen IIA Nederland (KIN)
CACEIS FSV Risk Advisory


  Organization: Tested in: Tested by:
  EXACT Group B.V. 2020 Kwaliteitstoetsingen IIA Nederland (KIN)
  OPCW 2020 Kwaliteitstoetsingen IIA Nederland (KIN)
  Koninklijke Kentalis 2020 Kwaliteitstoetsingen IIA Nederland (KIN)
  Obvion 2020 FSV Risk Advisory
  UWV 2020 KOA
  BinckBank 2020 FSV Risk Advisory
  Blauwtrust Groep 2020 FSV Risk Advisory
  LeasePlan 2020 Kwaliteitstoetsingen IIA Nederland (KIN)
  Gasunie 2020 FSV Risk Advisory
  Philips 2020 FSV Risk Advisory
  Scildon 2020 Simple4Result
  Prosus 2020 FSV Risk Advisory
  RET 2020 FSV Risk Advisory
  ANWB 2020 KPMG
  Eneco 2020 IIA Nederland
  Ahold Delhaize 2020 IIA Nederland / EY
  SPF Beheer 2020 FSV Risk Advisory
  GrandVision 2020 FSV Risk Advisory
  Woonbron 2020 FSV Risk Advisory
  Wolters Kluwer N.V. 2019 Mazars
  NN Group N.V. 2019 IIA Nederland
  Nederlandse Loterij 2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  NS Groep N.V 2019 IIA Nederland
  NV Schade 2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  Onderlinge 's-Gravenhage 2019 IIA Nederland
  Heineken 2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  Detailresult 2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  VIVAT 2019 IIA Netherlands
  Radboud universitair medisch centrum 2019 IIA Netherlands
  Stedin Netbeheer BV 2019 IIA Netherlands
  InsingerGilissen 2019 KPMG
  Schiphol Group 2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  Triodos Bank 2019 KPMG
  NWB Bank 2019 IIIA Netherlands
  Aegon Nederland 2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  Royal BAM Group  2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  Havenbedrijf Rotterdam 2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  ‘s Heeren Loo 2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  Translink Systems 2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group 2019 FSV Risk Advisory
  CZ 2019 IIA Netherlands
  DNB 2018 KPMG
  Yokogawa 2018 FSV Risk Advisory
  ROC West-Brabant 2018 IIA Netherlands
  CBR 2018 IIA Netherlands
  APG 2018 FSV Risk Advisory
  AkzoNobel 2018 IIA Netherlands
  Gemeente Rotterdam, Financial Audit 2018 IIA Netherlands
  Gemeente Rotterdam, Concern Auditing 2018 Mazars
  Henry Schein 2018 IIA Netherlands
  Rabobank 2018 IIA Netherlands
  MN Services 2018 IIA Netherlands
  Prorail 2018 IIA Netherlands
  USG People 2018 FSV Risk Advisory
  Van Lanschot Kempen 2018 IIA Netherlands
  Robeco 2018 FSV Risk Advisory
  Intertrust 2018 FSV Risk Advisory
  De Volksbank 2018 IIA Nederland
  Vion 2018 FSV Risk Advisory
  GVB Exploitatie B.V. 2018 IIA Netherlands
  De Goudse Verzekeringen 2018 IIA Netherlands
  Jumbo Supermarkten 2018 IIA Netherlands
  Telegraaf Media Groep 2018 FSV Risk Advisory
  AFM 2018 IIA Netherlands
  Sociale Verzekeringsbank 2018 KOA
  KPN 2018 FSV Risk Advisory
  Air France KLM 2018 Ifaci
  ING Bank 2018 EY
  Credit Agricole 2018 FSV Risk Advisory
  BNG Bank 2018 IIA Nederland
  TVM verzekeringen 2018 FSV Risk Advisory
  SHV Holdings 2018 IIA Nederland
  Nutreco Nederland 2018 IIA Nederland
  Eriks NV 2018 IIA Nederland
  Mammoet Holding 2018 IIA Nederland
  Koninklijke DSM 2018 IIA Nederland
  HaskoningDHV Nederland 2018 BDO
  Holland Casino 2018 IIA Nederland
  DAS 2017 FSV Risk Advisory
  Hof Hoorneman Bankiers 2017 IIA Nederland
  Generali Nederland 2017 IIA Nederland
  Europol 2017 IIA Nederland
  Randstad 2017 PwC
  ABN AMRO 2017 IIA Nederland
  Klaverblad Verzekeringen 2017 BDO
  Deloitte Nederland 2017 IIA Nederland
  InHolland 2017 KPMG
  Alliander 2017 FSV Risk Advisory
  ASML 2017 FSV Risk Advisory
  Unigarant 2017 IIA Nederland
  Vopak 2017 IIA Nederland
  DLL Group 2017 IIA Nederland
  Mizuho Bank Europe 2017 PwC
  Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit (NVWA) 2017 IIA Nederland
  Univé Services B.V. 2017 IIA Nederland
  Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) 2016 PwC
  Royal Philips 2016 FSV Risk Advisory
  Philips Lighting 2016 FSV Risk Advisory
  Royal Vopak 2016 IIA Nederland
  PGGM 2016 IIA Nederland
  Royal Boskalis Westminster 2016 Deloitte
  Monuta 2016 KPMG
  FMO N.V. 2016 BDO
  Delta Lloyd 2016 FSV Risk Advisory
  Coöperatie VGZ 2016 BDO
  Fugro N.V. 2016 IIA Nederland
  Achmea 2016 FSV Risk Advisory
  TenneT 2016 IIA Nederland
  Zorg en Zekerheid 2016 KPMG
  PostNL 2016 FSV Risk Advisory
  Propertize B.V. 2016 IIA Nederland
  Credit Europe Bank N.V. 2016 IIA Nederland
  Arcadis 2016 FSV Risk Advisory
  Coöperatie DELA 2016 IIA Nederland
  AerCap Holdings 2016 IIA Nederland
  Menzis 2016 IIA Nederland
  Bosal Nederland BV 2016 IIA Nederland
  Enexis 2016 FSV Risk Advisory
  ASR Nederland 2016 IIA Nederland
  CENTRIC FSS 2016 FSV Risk Advisory
  VvAA  2016 IIA Nederland
  O.W.M. MediRisk B.A. 2016 IIA Nederland
  Staedion 2016 IIA Nederland
  Kentalis 2016 IIA Nederland
  CZ 2016 IIA Nederland
  UWV 2015 KOA
  NIBC 2015 IIA Nederland
  OPCW 2015 IIA Nederland
  Allianz Nederland Groep N.V. 2015 IIA Nederland
  TNT  2015 IIA Nederland
  LeasePlan 2015 IIA Nederland
  Exact Group B.V. 2015 IIA Nederland
  BinckBank 2015 IIA Nederland
  Vattenfall Group 2014 IIA Nederland
  SNS REAAL 2014 IIA Nederland
  Wolters Kluwer 2014 FSV Risk Advisory
  GarantiBank  2014 IIA Nederland
  HEINEKEN  2014 IIA Nederland
  Triodos Bank N.V. 2014 IIA Nederland
  Nutreco Nederland B.V. 2014 IIA Nederland
  Kas Bank 2014 FSV Risk Advisory
  Kempen & Co 2014 IIA Nederland
  Koninklijke Ahold 2014 IIA Nederland
  Nederlandse Spoorwegen 2014 IIA Nederland
  Eneco 2014 IIA Nederland
  Nationale Nederlanden 2014 IIA Nederland
  BNP Paribas 2013 IIA Nederland
  Nederlandse Waterschapsbank 2013 IIA Nederland
  Goudse Verzekeringen 2013 IIA Nederland
  Rabobank  2013 IIA Nederland
  AkzoNobel 2013 IIA Nederland
  Aegon 2013 IIA Nederland
  Robeco 2013 IIA Nederland
  SVB 2013 IIA Nederland
  ProRail 2013 IIA Nederland
  NXP Semiconductors 2013 FSV Risk Advisory
  Van Lanschot 2013 IIA Nederland
  APG 2013 IIA Nederland
  DSM 2013 IIA Nederland
  KPN 2013 IIA Nederland
  ING Bank 2013 IIA Nederland
  Rabo Vastgoed groep 2013 IIA Nederland
  MN 2012 IIA Nederland
  DNB 2012 IIA Nederland
  Alliander 2012 IIA Nederland
  Menzis 2012 IIA Nederland
  ABN AMRO 2012 IIA Nederland
  Equens 2012 IIA Nederland
  De Lage Landen 2012 IIA Nederland
  Delta Lloyd 2012 IIA Nederland
  NIBC 2012 IIA Nederland
  Stork 2012 IIA Nederland
  PGGM     2011 IIA Nederland
  Dela     2011 IIA Nederland
  LeasePlan 2011 IIA Nederland
  Credit Europe Bank 2011 IIA Nederland
  Eureko 2011 IIA Nederland
  ASR 2011 IIA Nederland
  UVIT 2011 IIA Nederland

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