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[14-12-2017] Whistleblowing Frameworks[07-12-2017] RO Masterclass 2017: Vakmanschap[21-11-2017] Practice Guide: Engagement Planning Assessing Fraud Risks[21-11-2017] Global Perspectives and Insights: Internal Audit and External Audit[26-10-2017] Global Perspectives and Insights: Artificial Intelligence[13-10-2017] Symposium 2017: Cultuur en gedrag en de rol van de IAF[03-10-2017] Een goede bestuurder en toezichthouder verdient een goede internal audit functie[22-09-2017] Risk in Focus: hot topics for internal audit 2018[14-09-2017] Engagement Planning: Establishing Objectives and Scope[07-09-2017] SUMMARY: COSO\\\'s ERM Framework[01-09-2017] IT Internal Audit: Multiplying risks amid scarce resources[22-08-2017] Internal Audit and the Second Line of Defense[22-08-2017] Global Perspectives and Insights: crisis resilience[31-07-2017] STRONG FOUNDATIONS A Pulse of Internal Audit Supplemental Report[27-07-2017] Internal auditing around the world 2017[25-07-2017] Analytics: good practices for (smaller) IAFs[25-07-2017] Analytics: good practices voor de (kleinere) IAF[06-07-2017] Toepassingen van oorzaakanalyses bij audits[27-06-2017] Formuleren als gereedschap. Een onderzoek naar het gebruik van framing in auditrapportages[27-06-2017] The persuasive internal auditor. A study on source personality of persuasive internal auditors[27-06-2017] Een studie naar persoonlijkheidskenmerken van internal auditors in relatie tot conflicthantering[27-06-2017] Het meten van tone of voice in Nederlandstalige geschreven tekst[15-06-2017] Leiderschap en cultuur binnen auditdiensten[12-06-2017] Understanding and Auditing Big Data[28-03-2017] Stakeholders\' Advice to the Chief Audit Executive[28-03-2017] 2017 North American Pulse of Internal Audit[21-03-2017] Data analytics: The key to risk-based auditing[17-03-2017] Next Steps: Beyond Response to Anticipation[06-03-2017] Audit: op weg naar de nieuwe realiteit[17-02-2017] KPMG Report: Is everything under control?[27-01-2017] KPMG Internal Audit: Top 10 Considerations for 2017[04-01-2017] Elevating Internal Audit’s Strategic Impact[29-12-2016] CBOK Stakeholder Report: Achieving Excellence in Assurance[28-12-2016] Harnessing the power of cognitive technology to transform the audit[24-11-2016] CBOK Report: Ethics and Pressure[22-11-2016] 10 Hot Topics for the 2017 Internal Auditplan[25-10-2016] CBOK Report: Internal Audit Quality Assurance and Improvement[10-10-2016] GTAG: Assessing Cybersecurity Risk[25-09-2016] Allies in Governance 2.0[25-09-2016] Bondgenoten in Governance 2.0[16-09-2016] CBOK Women in Internal Auditing, Perspectives from Around the World[15-09-2016] CBOK Looking to the Future for Internal Audit Standards - Updates, Usage, and Conformance[25-08-2016] GTAG Auditing Smart Devices, An Internal Auditor’s Guide to Understanding and Auditing Smart Devices[15-08-2016] Internal Audit Ambition Model[09-08-2016] CBOK Stakeholder Report: Stakeholders’ Messages for Internal Audit[08-08-2016] Voice of the Customer, Stakeholders’ Messages for Internal Audit[08-08-2016] Six Audit Committee Imperatives, Enabling Internal Audit to Make a Difference[08-08-2016] CBOK Benchmarking Internal Audit Maturity, A High-Level Look at Audit Planning and Processes Worldwide[08-08-2016] CBOK Promoting and Supporting Effective Organizational Governance, Internal Audit’s Role[08-08-2016] CBOK Lifelong Learning for Internal Auditors, Certification and Training Levels Worldwide[08-08-2016] CBOK Stakeholder Report: Six Audit Committee Imperatives[08-08-2016] CBOK The Top 7 Skills CAEs Want, Building the Right Mix of Talent for Your Organization[11-07-2016] Measuring the Effectiveness, of the Internal Audit Function Practical tools for internal auditors[11-07-2016] Effectiviteitsmeting Internal Auditfunctie, Praktische handvatten voor internal auditors[26-05-2016] CBOK Stakeholder Report: Relationships and Risk[30-04-2016] De rol van de auditcommissie bij het toezicht door de raad van commissarissen op risicobeheersing[29-04-2016] CBOK Report: Regional Reflections: Africa[21-03-2016] Operational Risk in the Spotlight, Four Trends Making Operational Risk a Top Priority for Banks[19-03-2016] CBOK GREAT Ways to Motivate Your Staff[18-03-2016] CBOK CAE Career Paths, Characteristics and Competencies of Today’s Internal Audit Leaders[29-02-2016] CBOK Interacting with Audit Committees, The Way Forward for Internal Audit[25-02-2016] Global Perspectives and Insights Issue 3: Auditing Culture – A Hard Look at the Soft Stuff[20-02-2016] Practice Guide: Talent Management[11-02-2016] Practice Guide: Internal Audit and the Second Line of Defense[27-01-2016] Top 10 key risks in 2016[2016] 2016 North American Pulse of Internal Audit[2016] Executive Perspectives on Top Risks for 2016[2016] Internal Audit and the Second Line of Defense[2016] Operational Risk in the Spotlight[18-06-2015] Strategy-related auditing, Exploratory research on the consideration of strategic risk and organizational strategy in internal audits[2015] 2015 Global Benchmark Study Results: The Evolution of Project Auditing INFOGRAPHIC[2015] 2015 Global Benchmark Study Results: The Evolution of Project Auditing REPORT[2015] A Global View of Financial Services Auditing: Challenges, Opportunities and the Future[2015] Advisering & Auditing Over complementaire competenties op basis van botsende logica’s[2015] Auditing the Public Sector: Managing Expectations, Delivering Results[2015] Battle for Talent - Management skills will be increasingly important at the expense of technical competencies[2015] Beginselen voor ondernemingsbesturing, organisatie-inrichting en risicobeheersing[2015] Board Perspectives Risk Oversight - Issue 68[2015] CAE Career Paths[2015] Combined Assurance: One Language, One Voice, One View[2015] Consulting & Auditing The complementary competencies of conflicting professionals logics[2015] Consulting & Auditing: The complementary competencies of conflicting professionals logics[2015] Creating Value With Integrated Thinking - The Role of Professional Accountants[2015] Culture Risk and the role of the Internal Audit - How to audit organisational culture?[2015] Delivering on the Promise: Measuring Internal Audit Value and Performance[2015] Driving Success in a Changing World: 10 Imperatives for Internal Audit[2015] Engaging Third Parties for Internal Audit Activities[2015] Enhancing Integrated reporting - internal audit value proposition[2015] Global perspectives and Insights: Grappling with geopolitics[2015] GREAT Ways to Motivate Your Staff[2015] Interacting with Audit Committees: The Way Forward for Internal Audit[2015] Internal Auditing Around the World - Volume 11[2015] KPMG Internal Audit: Top 10 key risks in 2016[2015] Mapping Your Career: Competencies Necessary for Internal Audit Excellence[2015] Practice Guide: Talent Management[2015] Praktijkhandreiking De IAF en het Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA)[2015] Principles of corporate governance, organisational design and risk management[2015] Regional Reflections: Asia & Pacific[2015] Regional Reflections: Europe[2015] Responding to Fraud Risk: Exploring Where Internal Auditing Stands[2015] Rise to Your Internal Audit Career Potential[2015] Soft controls Wat zijn de aanknopingspunten voor de internal auditor[2015] Soft controls What are the starting points for the internal auditor?[2015] Staying a Step Ahead - Internal Audit’s Use of Technology[2015] The Internal Audit Function and the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA)[2015] Who Owns Risk? A Look at Internal Audit’s Changing Role[22-12-2014] Oorzaakanalyses in het kader van audits[2014] 2014 Global Audit Committee Survey[2014] 2014 Pulse of the profession (Geldig voor Nederland)[2014] Audit Ratings[2014] Building Effective Audit: Putting the Pieces together[2014] CFO Insights. Cybersecurity: Five essential truths[2014] CIIA: Whistleblowing and corporate governance[2014] Combining Internal Audit and Second Line of Defense Functions?[2014] Combining Internal Audit and Second Line of Defense Functions?[2014] De Internal Audit Functie, één van de pijlers van Good Governance[2014] Deloittes Reputation@risk survey report[2014] EY White Paper \"Wie had dat zien aankomen\"[2014] GRC today: Risk analysis based on facts, not only on perceptions[2014] Insights on GRC - Transform your GRC Program - Aug 2014[2014] Internal audit functies getoetst[2014] Internal audit functions assessed[2014] Meer winst uit internal governance[2014] New Guidance: Policy Setting for Public Sector Auditing in the Absence of Government Legislation[2014] New Practice Guide: Assessing Organizational Governance in the Public Sector[2014] Rapport ‘Hoeveel zijn we opgeschoten na de crisis?’[2014] Risk Angles: Five questions on compliance[2014] State of the Internal Audit Profession Study[2014] The Role(s) of the Auditor in Projects: Proactive Project Auditing[2013] 2013: Time to seize the opportunity - global report april 2013[2013] COSO updated Internal Control-Integrated Framework[2013] Global Corruption Law Compliance report[2013] KPMG’s 2013 IT Internal Audit Survey[2013] Monitoring Boekjaar 2013[2013] Practice Advisory (PA) 2320-3: Audit Sampling[2013] Pulse of the Profession Study: 2012 Global Trends[2013] Risk Intelligent Proxy Disclosures — 2013 Trending upward[2013] The Three Lines of Defense in Effective Risk Management and Control[2013] Transparency of the Internal Audit Report in the Public Sector[2012] IIA International Standards and Government Audit Standards (GAGAS)[2012] Internal Audit in transformatie - publicatie PWC[2012] ISA 610 (Revised), Using the Work of Internal Auditors - IAASB[2012] Reflectief vermogen van de Internal Auditor van cruciaal belang voor de moderne onderneming[2012] Report Risk Management and Internal Audit: Forging a Collaborative Alliance[2012] Samenwerking tussen Operational- en IT-auditor[2012] Special Report on Contemporary Practices in Risk Management - IIA Audit Executive Center (for IIA-members)[2012] The Governance Challenge A first exploration for internal auditors[2011] 2011 Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs Survey[2011] 2011 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey[2011] A Risk Intelligent view of reputation. An outside-in perspective - Deloitte[2011] AFM-rapport Prikkels voor kwaliteit accountantscontrole. Een verkenning.[2011] Artikel Arie Molenkamp: Naar een geloofwaardig auditmodel (Tijdschrift Controlling) [2011] Audit Committee brief of Deloitte - april 2011[2011] Audit Committee Brief: The Tech-Savvy Audit Committee (Deloitte) [2011] Audit Committee Guidance for European Companies - KPMG[2011] Auditing Social Control, Handvatten voor het meten van Entity level social controls[2011] Barrières voor Continuous Improvement, MCA: april 2011, nummer 2 [2011] Boardroom Dynamics, Sparren met de Raad van Bestuur - Deloitte[2011] Column Arie Molenkamp, TC april 2011: Een doorbraak in Rotterdam[2011] Column van Hans Nieuwlands over Risk Based Auditing volgens ISO 19011 - KAM Nieuwsbrief 3, 2011[2011] Current issues for Audit Committee Chairs (E&Y)[2011] De Governance Principes Verzekeraars[2011] De kleine IAF en de IIA Standaarden[2011] Deloitte Audit Committee Brief: Fraud, Corruption and the Audit Committee... [2011] Deloitte CFO insights: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Some keys to avoiding violations[2011] Developing Key Risk Indicators to Strengthen Enterprise Risk Management [2011] Director 360° Global Report - Deloitte[2011] E&Y Insights, Issue 15: July 2011[2011] ECIIA Conference Special 2011[2011] Effective GRC Management (Aberdeen Group) [2011] Effective Sizing of Internal Audit Departments[2011] Embracing Enterprise Risk Management: Practical Approaches for Getting Started [2011] European Parliament resolution on corporate governance in financial institutions[2011] Fall 2010 Audit Committee Roundtable Report [2011] FCPA: Developing a Culture of Compliance [2011] Forrester Wave™ rapport: Enterprise Governance, Risk en Compliance Platforms[2011] Global Risk Management Survey 7 - Deloitte [2011] Global Survey on Risk Management and Internal Control (IFAC) [2011] Governance in Duurzaamheid, internal audit en corporate social responsibility[2011] Green IT, opportunities for Internal Auditors[2011] Guidance on the 8th EU Company Law Directive - ECIIA / FERMA[2011] IIRC Discussion Paper 2011[2011] In Control & Disclosure, through the eyes of the Internal Auditor[2011] Internal Auditing Around the World[2011] IPPF-practice guide: Auditing the control environment April 2011 (members only)[2011] IRM | Risk Appetite & Tolerance Guidance Paper[2011] ISAE 3402 en de Internal Auditor[2011] KPMG International Corporate Responsibility Reporting Survey 2011[2011] KPMG-rapport Continuous Auditing en Continuous Monitoring [2011] Managing Risk in a Social Media-Driven society[2011] Naar een geloofwaardige interbestuurlijke verantwoording? 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Corruptie in 10 vragen en 100 antwoorden[2011] Turning risks and opportunities into results (E&Y)[2011] ViewPoints Leading risk management practices [2011] ViewPoints The challenge of overseeing IT risks and governance [2011] Whistleblowing after Dodd-Frank: New Risks, New Responses [23-08-2010] Project Auditing, Handvatten voor de internal auditor[2010] 2010 Audit Committee Member Survey[2010] 2010 State of the internal audit profession study (PWC)[2010] A New Decade, a New Internal Audit Model - Crowe Horwath[2010] Audit Committee Quarterly Winter 2009-2010 (KPMG)[2010] Basel Principles for Enhancing Corporate Governance[2010] Board Perspectives - Risk Oversight “Positioning the CRO for Success”[2010] Bribery Act 2010: The Impact on U.K. Business[2010] CBOK 2010 Report I: Characteristics of Internal Auditing - Executive Summary[2010] CBOK 2010 Report V: Imperatives for Change[2010] CBOK 2010 Report VI: A Call to Action[2010] Column Arie Molenkamp: Is corporate risk management zelf een risico?[2010] Coso’s New Thought Paper Links Strategy and ERM[2010] De internal auditor als spin in het GRC-web ‘Samenwerking met behoud van onafhankelijkheid’[2010] Deloitte Audit Committee Brief June 2010[2010] Deloitte’s white paper The Broken Triangle? Improving the relationship between internal audit, management, and the audit committee[2010] Download het IIA Jaarverslag 2009[2010] ERP in Small to Mide-sized Enterprises (Aberdeen Group)[2010] Evaluating Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainable Development[2010] Global Fraud Report (Kroll)[2010] Guidance on the 8th EU Company Law Directiv[2010] IIA report: The Behavioral dimensions of internal auditing[2010] Integrity in Professional Ethics a Discussion Paper[2010] Internal Audit During the Economic Recovery (Lander International)[2010] Internal Audit: Doing More With Less (Crowe Horwath)[2010] Leveraging Social Media[2010] License to Lead: Seven personal attributes that maxmize the impact of the most successful chief audit executives.[2010] New UK Corporate Governance Code[2010] Nivra publiceert onderzoek naar de risicoparagraaf in jaarverslagen[2010] Praktijkhandreiking 1111 Overige opdrachten (NIVRA en NOvAA)[2010] Press Release Integrity[2010] Press Release Integrity[2010] Protiviti Board Perspectives Issue 5 – Organizing for Risk Oversight[2010] Proviti volume 6 - Internal Auditing Around the World[2010] PWC Report: Cloud Computing[2010] PwC: 2010 Global Internal Audit Study[2010] Rapport Board Perspectives: Risk oversight nr. 15[2010] Read the Board Risk oversight report[2010] Read the Current status of ERM[2010] Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse[2010] Setting the Stage: The Importance of Culture for Risk Management and Business Success[2010] The Internal auditor as spider in the GRC web[2010] The internal auditor as spider in the GRC web ‘Cooperating while maintaining independence’[2010] The TRACE Global Enforcement report 2010[2010] Top privacy issues for 2010 (E&Y)[2010] Whitepaper Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Auditing (Deloitte)[2009] CPP Column: Practice Advisory 2120-2[2009] ERM Column: Rollen in Risk Management[2009] Impact op Governance[2009] IPPF serie: IPPF algemeen[2009] The Role of Internal Auditing in Enterprise-wide Risk Management[2009] The Role of Internal Auditing in Resourcing the Internal Auditing Strategy[2008] CPP Column april 2008: IIA Standaarden[2008] CPP Column januari 2008: Internal Audit Charter[2008] CPP Column juni 2008: IIA Standaarden[2008] ERM Column: De belangrijkste taken in het ERM proces[2008] ERM Column: Risk Management[2008] IPPF serie: 1000 Purpose, Authority and Responsibility[2008] IPPF serie: 2340 Engagement Supervision[2008] IPPF serie: 2400 Performance Standards[2008] Position paper: De Internal Auditor in Nederland[2008] Position paper: The Internal Auditor in the Netherlands[2008] Practice Advisory Samenvatting: SAS70 en de internal auditor [2008] Practice Advisory: SAS70 en de internal auditor[2008] Studierapport: Bondgenoten in Governance[2008] Study Report: Allies in Governance[2005] Position Paper: De Internal Auditor in Nederland[2005] Position Paper: The Internal Auditor in The Netherlands[2004] Case study: Handreiking Compliance (risico) en Internal Audit[2004] De betrokkenheid van de internal auditor bij compliance[2004] De toegevoegde waarde van de internal auditor in corporate governance[2004] Studierapport over de Internal Auditor in Nederland[2003] Competency Framework for Internal Auditing, deel III: Conclusies over de toepasbaarheid van het Competency Framework for Internal Auditing in Nederland op grond van vijf deelonderzoeken[2002] Competency Framework for Internal Auditing, deel II: De inrichting van de Internal Audit Functie in Nederland anno 2000 - De resultaten van een enquête onder 53 grote Nederlandse ondernemingen[2001] Competency Framework for Internal Auditing, deel I: Samenvatting van de studierapporten en synthese van de belangrijkste inzichten

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IIA is dé toonaangevende beroepsorganisatie voor internal auditors. Een lidmaatschap laat u delen in de collectieve kennis van alle vakgenoten in de wereld.
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