CBOK report: Who Owns Risk?

A Look at Internal Audit’s Changing Role

New Global Internal Audit Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) report.

Who really owns risk? The literal answer is “not internal audit.” However, there is no question that internal audit has helped organizations better understand and manage risk in the past and will undoubtedly play a valuable role in the future.

This report not only provides insights into the status of risk management and the role of internal audit around the world, but it also lays out 13 key actions that can help chief audit executives (CAEs) and internal auditors ensure that their internal audit function is properly positioned to address risk challenges in an ever-changing world.

Using survey findings from this report, you will be able to compare your risk-related practices to others around the world and in different industries. You will gain new insights about:

  • Your organization’s risk practices
  • Your interaction with enterprise risk management (ERM)
  • Your level of responsibility for risk assessment in your organization
  • Your level of risk maturity
  • Your risk assessment proficiency


Download the CBOK report: Who Owns Risk?

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