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With the Internal Audit Ambition Model you can not only visualize the current quality level of your Internal Audit Function, but also determine your ambition level to further professionalize your IAF.


In a globally connected world, there is a growing need for Internal Audit Functions (IAFs) that deliver added value to their organizations. Stakeholders expect more from their IAFs. They want IAFs to provide assurance that controls are working properly, to give advice on changes and operational issues and to anticipate and provide insights on risks to the organization. In the Dutch context, this recognition of the added value of IAFs is also reflected in the Corporate Governance Code which sees an important role for the IAF supporting the organization’s efforts to create long term value.

The Internal Audit Ambition Model (IA AM) itself is the result of the efforts of a joint taskforce established by IIA Netherlands and NBA LIO (membership group for internal and governmental auditors at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants). These enthusiastic internal auditors developed the IA AM which deals with the broad spectrum of the proactive design, set up and further development of the IAF.

The taskforce ensured alignment of the model with the IPPF, and included references to recent publications of IIA Global, the Internal Audit Foundation, and IIA Netherlands and the IFAC Code of Ethics. Additional input was gathered from good practices developed by a variety of internal audit professionals. Also a link to the International Standard on Auditing (ISA) 610, using the Work of Internal Auditors was included. The model has been validated with CAEs, the Committee of Professional Practices (CPP) and the Committee Quality Assessments (CQA) of IIA Netherlands during the various stages of its development.

This is the second version of the IA AM, published in October 2018. Compared to the first edition of the IA AM, there is more attention for refining the logical structure of level 1 to 5. There are also more examples, added as ‘good practices’. In addition, specific topics have been added or updated based on developments in the field, and a limited definition list has been added. These insights and key takeaways support getting up to standard with the IPPF. This would not have been possible without the broad professional dialogue amongst auditors by sharing experiences and good practices.

Read more about the launch of the Internal Audit Ambition Model.

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