GAM 2010 Roundtable Whitepaper

The IIA hosted an invitation-only Chief Audit Executive (CAE) roundtable during the 2010 General Audit Management Conference in Orlando, Fla., to explore themes addressing the current and future challenges and opportunities for internal auditors. 

Click here to read of the roundtable’s key discussions, a Knowledge Alert published by the Audit Executive Center, A Glimpse Ahead: CAE’s Look Beyond the Recession. Attendees, which included 25 Fortune 250 CAE’s, discussed topics related to the impact of the recession on internal auditing and forward-focused topics such as:

· What are today’s key staffing issues, and what are CAE’ s doing to address them?
· What are CAE’s doing or planning on doing related to anticipated new strategic business initiatives by their organization?
· How are CAE’s dealing with the new proxy disclosure requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange commission?
· What automated audit techniques are CAE’s exploring and adopting, and what tangible benefits are accruing?
· What do CAE’s see as the biggest potential issues for internal auditing beyond 2010?
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