Invitation to Innovation: join the NEW Professional Practices networking group on AI


The Professional Practices network consists of internal audit experts, who find it interesting to jointly address professional technical challenges and share experiences with each other. Complex professional practice questions, consultations and other professional practice publications are also discussed within a network group. Twice a year a CPP day or professional afternoon is organized for the entire network.

We want to expand our network with a new group Artificial Intelligence. 
AI is one of the fastest developments at the moment, and for internal audit both an object of research and a tool to speed up and improve audits.
For this group, we are looking for experience experts with a keen interest in AI and its impact. Whether you are a data scientist, AI researcher, technology enthusiast,  your insight and expertise are important.

Participation in the AI group offers you:

  • Knowledge Exchange: Share insights and learn from like-minded AI experts and enthusiasts.
  • Collaboration: Work together on exciting projects and research.
  • Periodic Results: Focus on actually delivering concrete results, such as publications, or new methodologies.
  • Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network.
  • Development Opportunities: Stay abreast of the latest AI trends and technologies and apply them in your field.

Are you ready to be part of a group taking AI within the internal audit industry to the next level? Or are you interested, and have questions and suggestions?
If so, please contact us by email at or  
We look forward to your contribution to our group as we work together to shape the future of AI within internal audit!

More information about the PP network can be found through this link.
Want to sign up, have ideas for starting a new group, or have questions in general about the PP network? Feel free to email them to:

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