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In this issue, Risk & Compliance Magazine presents features on joint venture risk management and on MIFiD II. The magazine also looks at: responding to activist strategies; reducing legal spend on risk and compliance; scenario-based risk management; workplace harassment and discrimination; reputation risks in data breaches and cyber attacks; digital identity solutions; credit risk; D&O risks and liabilities; analytics and reporting; CFIUS compliance and approvals; anti-corruption in the Nordics; blockchain and digital identity; trade based money laundering; anti-corruption in high risk markets; and more.

Risk & Compliance magazine Apr-Jun 2018


Joint venture risk management

MiFID II: the regulation revolution in financial services

Effective engagement, collaboration and response to activist strategies

Best board practices in managing reputational risk

Now is the time to strengthen your cultural balance sheet

Risk and compliance reducing legal spend

Are proxy advisers driving good corporate governance?

FRC UK corporate governance code consultation

The future of scenario-based risk management

Reduce enterprise risk with a more effective risk map

Tackling workplace harassment and discrimination

Is there such a thing as ‘useful illegality’?

Managing reputation risks in data breaches and cyber attacks

What is the GDPR risk? Brand damage

Digital identity solutions for the Internet of Things

Is your supply chain exposing your company to compliance risks?

The value of technology in managing third-party risk

How to manage risk when engaging with third-party outsourcers

Credit risk in 2018

Managing D&O risks and liabilities for financial institutions

Financial institutions analytics and reporting

Expanded reporting obligations for mining and oil & gas sector companies

CFIUS compliance and approvals challenges

The activist agency: protecting investors starts with protecting whistleblowers

Anti-corruption compliance and enforcement in the Nordics

Using blockchain and digital identity to prevent fraud and money laundering

Enhanced anti-money laundering methodologies for cryptocurrencies

Tackling trade based money laundering (TBML)

Commercial bribery under China’s recently amended anti-unfair competition law

Anti-corruption compliance in high risk markets

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