MetricStream GRC Summit 2016 ebook


Every year, the MetricStream GRC Summit brings together GRC practitioners, business executives, board directors, government leaders, and industry analysts to network and learn about the best practices, trends, and innovations that are shaping the future of GRC.

The theme for the 3-day summit, “Leading with GRC,” emerged from the observation that in today’s highly risky and regulated business landscape, what often sets leaders and high performers apart is their ability to balance risks and opportunities effectively. This idea was echoed across the summit keynotes, mastermind interviews, panel discussions, case study presentations, app showcases, and more.

The distinguished keynote speakers -- Admiral Mike Mullen, the Honorable Suzanne Spaulding, and Mark Bertolini – drew on their rich knowledge and experiences to discuss how visionary organizations are successfully “leading with GRC” in multiple spaces such as healthcare, cybersecurity, and automobile. Taking the theme forward, our Executive Chairman, Gunjan Sinha, described how MetricStream is enabling customers to lead with GRC by creating true systems of GRC intelligence.

The big reveal of the summit was M7 -- MetricStream’s transformational new GRC platform for high performers. M7 is designed to take GRC to a whole new level of ease and pervasiveness with a state-of-the-art user experience, configurability, personalization, mobility, analytics, and more. We are truly excited about this innovation.

Read the MetricStream GRC Summit 2016 ebook

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