New Risk in Focus 2024 presented


The new edition of Risk In Focus was presented today. It is already the eighth consecutive year, with 16 European Institutes of Internal Auditors joining forces and knowledge to identify key developments and risk factors for organizations. 

The results of Risk in Focus 2024 are summarized in five hot topics:

  1. Macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty: focus on strategic change
  2. Cyber and data security: strengthening the digital nervous system
  3. Human capital, diversity, talent management and retention: adapting culture 
  4. Climate change, biodiversity and environmental sustainability: embrace in the mission
  5. Supply chain: strengthen critical partnerships 

The results in the report are valuable in the preparation of audit plans for 2024, as well as giving governing bodies a clear view of what challenges lie ahead for them in the coming year.

Click here for the report or the accompanying board briefing.  

Starting in October, there will also be a monthly webinar in which the possible role of the IAF for the top 5 hot topics will be explained in more detail. Keep an eye on the website for this.

On the 25th of September, Peter Hartog will present the report in a round table at the IIA Academy. During the round table the report will be explained and your own situation will be discussed. Click here to register.

You can download the full Risk In Focus 2024 report here for a broader view of the research and results. An abridged Board Briefing has also been prepared again this year, you can download it here

About Risk in Focus
For the eighth consecutive year Risk in Focus is a collaboration between 16 different European Institutes of Internal Auditors, including IIA Netherlands. 
The research was conducted through a survey, with 800 respondents, as well as five round tables and 11 in-depth interviews to deepen quantitative survey results. A total of 57 chief audit executives (CAEs), audit committee chairs and subject matter experts from a wide range of countries participated.

The report provides insight into the key developments and risk areas that organizations will or may face next year. It helps boards, commissioners and internal auditors to evaluate risks they may not (yet) have considered, or to look at these risks from a new perspective. Risk in Focus gives internal auditors targeted tools to create their annual plan and evaluate the specific risks in their own organization.

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