Publication: Risk Sensing

The (evolving) state of the art

Risk Sensing - Using human insights and advanced analytics capabilities to identify, analyze, and monitor emerging risks—has become a key component of many organizations’ arsenals for managing risk. In fact, 81 percent of respondents to a recent survey say their companies leverage risk sensing tools, but do those capabilities go far enough to mitigate risks?

Why is Risk Sensing an evolving state of the art capability?
Deloitte’s new publication, Risk Sensing: The (evolving) state of the art, provides senior executives with an overview of the purpose and scope of robust risk sensing capability and an approach for developing and enhancing their organization’s efforts.

Explore the publication to understand:
• Characteristics—from an overarching strategic focus to the right technical and human resources—that compose a robust risk sensing capability
• Risks that are of most concern today and in the near-and long-term
• How to frame and implement a true risk scanning, sensing, and tracking program

Download the publication Risk Sensing - The (evolving) state of the art

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